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Bilingual French Forest School

Bristol, BS13

Introduction to our bilingual sessions:

As a French person living in England, with a background in teaching Physical/health and French, I believe it is important for children growing up with two languages to practice their two languages within creative and fun settings. Being a forest school leader means I can draw on my experience to create this course.


Our brains are more receptive to language earlier in life. A forest school setting will give children rich, diverse and engaging opportunities to learn about the sounds, syllables, words, phrases, and sentences they will be able to use in everyday life, when going on walk with their parents, observing and describing wild life.


Older children and adults do not usually have the same amount of time to devote to language learning, they do not usually experience the advantage of having fun, constant, one-on-one interaction with native speakers. Instead, they often find themselves in a classroom, where they get a small fraction of the language practice that infants and toddlers get. In classrooms, words are defined for them and grammar is described to them. Defining and describing can be effective, but they are not as powerful as discovering language from the ground up.


However, parents should not lose hope if they have not exposed their children to each language from birth. Bilingual preschools experiences like the one we offer at Branches Out, can really maximize the children’s exposure to another language. This can certainly result in increased bilingual proficiency, but it is essential to provide continued opportunities to practice each language once the child is older. In such a diverse world, language should not a border for their dreams, aspiration and opportunities in life.


The take-home messages about bilingual language exposure are clear: more is better, and earlier is better!


Organisation of our bilingual sessions


The Bilingual Forest School sessions will be open to children aged 3 to 5 years old. They will take place at Branches Out Forest School, BS13 0DA on Wednesday morning and, depending on the demand, Thursday and Friday morning as well during term time.


The sessions take place from 9am to 12pm and will be focused on practicing French and learning new vocabulary while being physically active, creative, and playing together. The children will learn about the outdoors, they will be encourage to develop their creativity, communication and collaboration skills through various activities as well as free play.

Forest school opportunities are unique and allow children over repeated visits, to engage with the rich natural woodland environment to help build confidence, sensitivity, resilience and curiosity. Being outdoors all year-round will help them to learn about the weather, the season and the importance of wearing suitable clothes. They will observe “mini-beasts” and plant life and this will help them understand the world around them.


These sessions will be focused on French communication and the activities will encourage the children to communicate, share ideas, listening to each other, sharing thoughts and working together. This will promote their communication and language development.


They will make loads of happy memories whilst playing in nature!

Please contact Caroline for more information with the subject title 'Bilingual French Forest School', or click the button below to book now.

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